#060vma combo includes 5#17 covers and 1#11 cover holds Large Leos and the 10″ triangle angle and large KoneZone Flashers




MEGA sleeve that includes 5 # 17 covers and 1 #11 cover. This has 6 pockets but 5 pockets are 9″ wide x 10 1/2 ” long the last pocket is only 8″ wide x 10 1/2 long due to material size. This comes with a handle and a strap to keep the sleeve rolled or folded up.. Holds the Large Leos and 10″ triangle flashers with the covers on. These will fit the 10″ fish flash and triangle flashers ad the large kone zone and Leos flashers with the # 17 covers I make the A in the product name means this is a combo set that includes those covers. see the #60vm for the sleeve only.
These also come with the velcro closures to keep the covers in the sleeves so they will not slide out Please check our #058vm which is almost exactly like this sleeve but without the velcro closure and the pockets are 9″x12″.with a strap and handle the pockets are the same size with the smaller pocket on top as well.

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red, blue, black, orange, white