Brewster King Salmon Derby 2024

Mauk Fishing Stuff LLC After working as a volunteer for the Chamber, running the event for the last 2 years, all the hours it takes to put on this big event has made me realize that I can not do it anymore for the Chamber.I presented a proposal to take over the Brewster King Salmon…

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WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 1111 Washington St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 Sept. 21, 2022 Upper Columbia River salmon fishery update Action: Opens coho retention from Priest Rapids Dam to Wells Dam. Species affected: Salmon. Locations, effective dates, and rules: Columbia River: From Priest Rapids Dam to Rock Island…

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Kokanee Salmon

2 fresh caught kokanee salmon laying in a fishing net

Kokanee salmon – Wikipedia › wiki › Kokanee Salmon The kokanee salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka), also known as the kokanee trout, little redfish, silver trout, kikanning, Kennerly’s salmon, Kennerly’s trout, or Walla, is the non- anadromous form of the sockeye salmon (meaning that they do not migrate to the sea, instead of living out their…

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Exciting Adventures-TV and Radio links

made in the northwest

April 20, 2019 Lots going on and I have not updated my blog in a long time. An amazing thing happened, I was lucky enough to be asked by Mike Carey with Northwest Fishing reports to go fishing for the weekend at Billy Clap Lake down below Banks Lake. I did not realize that I…

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two men standing in front of a doorway

White House Calling -yeah right! Well, Friday, June 29, 2018, started out a normal day, I was busy getting ready for the 4th of July Parade that I was the coordinator for with the Brewster Chamber of Commerce. Also Salmon Season was opening on the Columbia River here on the 1st of July. I received a phone call…

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Material we use in our Products

picture of the sailrite111 sewing machine in my sewing room with the window outside

MATERIALS WE USE IN PRODUCTION OF OUR PRODUCTS CLEAR VINYL– CLEAR VINYL 20GAUWe now purchase our clear vinyl from Top Value Fabrics TVF This 20 gauge vinyl meets all the needs for us. Our 20 gauge unsupported clear vinyl features high clarity and a double-polished film Fabric Type Vinyl Finish Flame Resistant, UV Resistant Weight…

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Spring Fishing in the Pacific Northwest

two fishing rods

Hello this just in, WDFW suspends fishing limits for bass, walleye, channel catfish on Columbia River OLYMPIA – Starting March 3, anglers can fish for bass, walleye and channel catfish without daily catch or size limits from the mouth of the Columbia River 545 miles upstream to Chief Joseph Dam. Wow just in time for…

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Summer Fishing 2016

four fishing rods on a boat

Well it is summer 2016 and I am ready!! Seems the winters are too long and the summers to short, same as when I was a kid going to school and now that I am an adult- yep I said it “adult”, reminds me of something I just saw from someone on Facebook about how…

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