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Mom and I live in Brewster, a little town on the banks of the Mighty Columbia River in Central Washington. We mostly fish for the Summer run of KING Salmon that return here. We are a couple of miles below the Chief Joseph Dam, which is the 1st dam on the Columbia river that does not have a fish ladder. So the fish pile up here in the "Brewster Pool" waiting for the water temp in the Okanogan river to get just right for them to finish their trek to their spawning grounds.

We are allowed to fish with double treble hooks and 2 poles, with the 2 pole license, so that is a lot of hooks and tackle in the boat with just the 2 of us. As you know the hooks catch on EVERYTHING. We always have our poles next to each other and when we got ready to go fishing the lures were tangled up with each other, or hooked in the carpet of the boat or worse, they always find a rope or your LEG!!

Mom has since moved along to the great fishing grounds in Heaven.

So after some different designs, trial and error and with suggestions from friends and family we have refined it to this simple, durable product. We now have started putting in a grommet for hanging them or carrying them on a carabineer, BY REQUEST ONLY, it was getting to be more work so I will put them in only if you ask for them.

I use these covers on all of my lures in my tackle boxes and of course when we are going fishing and the lure is on the pole the lure cover wraps around the lure and the fishing pole. We are now making them very small 3x3 inside =6.5"x4" for small tackle, and will work great for the small "Wobblers" a fish flasher and extra-large the biggest so far is 14 inches wide by 13.5 inches long for the bigger triangle FISH FLASH type flashers.

Our Company is so Proud and Honored to have been invited to President Trump's MADE IN AMERICA PRODUCT SHOWCASE July 23, 2018 representing Washington State. Please see my BLOG post here on this site.2020 is offering so much to my company. I applied and received a trade mark for LURESAFE™ very happy. I also made my Company an LLC.

Custom orders are most welcome. We will do what we can to make what you want and mismatch colors. We make everything in the 4 colors CLEAR, BLUE, MAROON AND WHITE, please let me know if you do not see it in the product list. I will make them all in the 4 colors!

We have added mesh to our material line up and have Blue, Black, White, Orange and Red. This is a high quality fine mesh..

in our part numbers if there is just a number like #01 it is  a clear vinyl
If it is #01b, it is made with the blue solid material.
#01vm is vinyl mesh
On some products they may be be listed like this;

#52vmo that means the # 52 product is vinyl mesh meaning clear vinyl on one side and mesh on the other, and o means open pocket
#52vmc means vinyl mesh closed pocket meaning it has a velcro closure on the pocket. If you have any questions and it isn't in the description call me and ask! Thanks