I must thank my various Sponsors and folks that like my product so much they advertise for me with my decals on their boats and posts on Social media. I have inserted links to their pages. Please like and share them if you would on Facebook and such. You can bet the bank on it that if they are sponsors of mine they are really GREAT folks!!

I want to send a big thank-you to Nick at Ain't No Joke Productions for showing off my products back in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes area!! You need to check his videos out they are amazing.

Also Greg at  Thin Blue Tight Lines  for his help promoting my product back in the North East!! I can use all the help I can get.

Northwest Fishing Reports (Paid Sponsor) Thanks Mike Carey and Rob for helping me

Austins Northwest Adventures- Austin Mosher thanks very much for your input and recommendations on improving and designing new products.

The Fishing magician- thanks Dave Graybill for the reviews and help spreading the word about my products.

Leos Flashers- Friend and designer of the best new flashers on the market the Leo Flasher

Thanks to everyone that has used my covers and sleeves and has shown them off to their friends!!

Captain Daves Guide Service- Thanks Dave for helping me design our very first kokanee and dodger multi pocket sleeves!!

I would love pictures of the covers in use and also would love to hear how you first found out about us and your first impressions and if you have purchased from us how do you like my product so far.

Any input good or bad is appreciated very much. Contact me at: luresafe@gmail.com