#052vm mega sleeve 7-71/2×10″ pockets fits large LEO flashers


7 Pocket mega sleeve, pockets are 7 1/2×10″ and have velcro closure at the top of opening and rolls or folds up in a nice package with a strap with a buckle fastener. these also come with an easy carry handle



This mega sleeve is part of our new storage system. These have 7 pockets that are 7 1/2 x10″ and will hold the large Leo flashers 7″ triangle flashers and other tackle that size. This is made with the mesh on the back side and the clear vinyl on the front. These come with a convenient carrying handle and a strap with a buckle to keep it closed for travel or storage
This roll-up style with handle and a strap is durable and will last for years.
NEW we are now offering these with mesh on mesh, meaning we now will use mesh on both sides and you can even choose the colors of mesh if you want any of the other colors of mesh we carry. there is an option when ordering, the button on top is for the vinyl mesh and it lets you pick the color of the mesh if you want the vinyl mesh, do not put a color on the box below, leave the option to choose an option on there. but if you want to order the mesh on mesh make sure the top color is the color of one side and the bottom color is the one you want on the other side. like black and black options showing you will get a mesh on mesh sleeve in black mesh. If you have red and black showing you will get a sleeve with red mesh on one side and black mesh on the other.
if you have a color showing on the top button and the bottom say-choose an option you will receive the color you selected and clear vinyl on the other side. simple any questions call me 509-449-0605 and leave a text and I will return your call or text asap
100%vinyl-coated woven polyester mesh
Excellent Dimensional Stability
Flexible in All Climates
DURABILITY-Functional and durable. The mesh offers excellent performance while withstanding spills, splatters and the bustle of high traffic areas.
CLEANABILITY- easily cleans with soap and water or 50/50 bleach to water solution
Water and Air can easily pass through
MICROBAN Antimicrobial Protection-works continuously to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause stains, orders and protect deterioration
LEAD-FREE: REACH (EC1907/2006) complaint
GREENGUARD Select Certified
FLAME RETARDANCE National Fire Protection Association NFPA No.101, “Life Safety Code” Class A rating. Calif.Technical Bulletin 117,Section E, Commercial Standard CS 191-53 (Classification1). Federal Motor Vehicles Safty Standards, Section 571.302, Standard Number 302(FMVSS 302), Flammability of Interior Materials(December15,2006 Edition)

Lifetime Guaranteed
Unique fluoropolymer fiber construction that extends the life of fabric seams
High Strength and durability that is unaffected by UV rays, cleaning agents, pollution, saltwater, air, rain, and snow.
Tenara thread will not rot if left outside year around.
Remains colorfast even in extreme temperatures and frost
Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing or packaging operations
We have used several brands since our beginnings. We started with WBC industries and bought both the WBC brand which is imported and very much more low cost and the Velcro Brand made in the USA. We recently purchased hook and loop from Halco that has a store in Northern California. Very fast delivery and every size and color we may need. Their product is all imported and is very low-cost comparatively.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 11 × 13 × 1 in
clear vinyl on one side and mesh on one side decide here and leave the bottom box on choose an option

red, blue, white, black, orange

click here for mesh on both sides colors can be the same or different choose color above for both sides

red, blue, white, black, orange


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