#038a MEGA SLEEVE superbait salmon lures 14 pocket sleeve includes 14-#1 covers


Sleeve and lure cover combo pack . Perfect for storing and transporting multiple lures. I have several of this rolled up and in a hefty large container on my boat


This sleeve has 4″x9″ pockets that hold our #1 covers that have the lures inside.  These covers are overall size of 6.5×8.5 and hold up to 3″ x 6″ lures and blades. These multi-pocket sleeves are designed to be rolled up and they secure with a shock cord that is also a handle. These are made with our 16 gauge clear vinyl. This is one of our new MEGA  Sleeves. Check out my others that have different size pockets for our other size covers. The 14  #1 covers are at a super discounted price that you will only get by buying this combo pack which will include the sleeve for free.


Additional information

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 53 × 10 × 1 in


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