If you are interested in being one of our Pro Staffers please print out this form and fill it out the best you can and email it back to and in the subject line use Pro Staff. Or you can snail mail it to me
Mike Mauk
1408 Sunset Drive
Brewster, WA 98812

Mauk Fishing Stuff 2020 Pro Staff Application
COMPANY NAME_________________________________________
Name________________________________ Spouse’s Name(if applicable)______________________
Which social media platforms do you regularly use? Instagram Username_________________________
Facebook Username________________________Twitter username______________________________
You Tube Channels_____________________________________________________________________
How much time do you spend on the water fishing Never___Sometimes___Frequently___Alot____
What kind of fish do you fish for; check all that apply and add if not listed
Trout___Kokanee___Walleye___Salmon___Bass___Tuna___Sturgeon___Stripe Bass__White Fish__Perch__Muskie__Red Fish__Triplods___others_________________________________________
What tournament’s, if any do you plan to fish in this year, location and date_________________________________________________________________________________
What seminars if any will you be conducting or participating in this year where you would promote Mauk Fishing Stuff products?
What Sports Shows if any, where you have a booth and would promote Mauk Fishing Stuff
What are your favorite Lure Safe covers and sleeves that you use or have seen others use and why?
How would you best benefit Mauk Fishing Stuff as a member of the Pro Staff?
Please list the fishing clubs and organizations you belong to:__________________________________
Are you a licensed guide if so which state or states___________________License Number____________
How many covers and sleeves would you require for your fishing needs
sizes and colors_____________________________________________________________________
Do you want Decals? if so how many and what sizes and white__or black__
Send me your logo and short description, that I can put on my websites and social media to promote you and your company as well. Send it to a JPG is fine. Send me decals white preferably 4” or 5” to put on my boat and black to put on my cargo trailer. If you promote me I will promote equally as well.
Additional comments:__________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________Full Name(print)____________________________Signature___________________________________
By signing you agree to fulfill all the obligations of the Mauk Fishing Stuff Pro Staff program

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