#033/6=6- 4″ x 6” open pocket sleeve. holds the #003 covers


#33/6= has 6 pockets that are 4 x 6″ open pockets and holds the #003 covers

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#33/6=6-4″ x 6” open pocket sleeve. Made to hold our #3 covers.
I made these out of the need to keep my tackle organized. I started by making the lure covers starting with our #1, and 2 and so on. These are very important as I can keep the tackle on the poles and in tackle boxes without them getting all tangled up, Then I needed a way to hold the covers and I came up with the sleeves and then the mega sleeves to hold multi covers. This is just one of the many sleeves I have made. These hold our #3 covers they will also hold tackle and blades. These do not have fasteners but I have added a handle on some of them and grommets for our binders. So of the mega sleeves have a shock cord that is a handle that also wrap around to keep it closed.Be sure to look at the description to see which option each product has what.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 11.5 × 7 × .25 in


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