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Back to School

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May 8, 2021
Time for a blog post!
Back to School!!!
I have started this thing that is offered here in our area SuperNova it is a competition for start-ups and small businesses to compete for a 10000 prize.
We start with a 6 week Bootcamp to teach us about how to write a business plan. I have finished that and now we have been getting a class here and there on SEO and how to do social media.
We have until June 1 to finish a business plan. It is very time-consuming and for me very difficult.
It may in the end tell me that I should not even be in business or it may actually let me know that I need to grow and that I can ask for investors. The sky can be the limit.
The best thing is it is all free and it is a great course.
So one thing I would love is google reviews. I have asked everyone I can to please do this for my company. It is slow to get people to respond.
Anyway this is just another way to get more people to my website. I also need to get a poll and see what people do not like about my sites! This only helps me in the long run.
So I will post this blog and then a couple of times a week I will post again. I would appreciate shares and likes and reviews. Thanks

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